Obsessive about art, JMW Turner had little else to discuss in his life. It was his passion and took up most of his time.

There's a sketch at every turn.

To select, combine and concentrate that which is beautiful in nature and admirable in art is as much the business of the landscape painter in his line as in the other departments of art.

I know of no genius but the genius of hard work.

It is only when we are no longer fearful that we begin to create.

If I could find anything blacker than black I'd use it.

I did not paint... to be understood. I wished to show what such a scene was like.

No painter knew so well the extent of his own powers and his own weakness. Conscious of the power as well as the necessity of shade, he took the utmost boundaries of darkness and allowed but one-third of light, which light dazzles the eye thrown upon some favorite point, but where is judgement kept pace with his choice, surrounded with impenetrable shade.
(discussing Rembrandt)

It is necessary to mark the greater from the lesser truth: namely the larger and more liberal idea of nature from the comparatively narrow and confined; namely that which addresses itself to the imagination from that which is solely addressed to the eye.